We get it: you don’t want to have a colonoscopy performed. There aren’t many people who enjoy the procedure, as it’s simply uncomfortable on many levels and is considered embarrassing for most people. Everyone who stops by our rectal clinic is here because a doctor suggested they do so.

What we’re saying is, it’s okay if you don’t want to be here. But when you have to be, there’s no need to worry; at the Midsouth Rectal Clinic you’re in good hands. We’ve performed thousands of colonoscopies over the years and have helped all of those people get the information they need, passing it along to their doctors and helping to save lives in the process.

Why should you choose Midsouth Rectal Clinic whenever a doctor needs to have more information about your lower digestive tract? Here are a few reasons.

No Need To Be Embarrassed

The talk of the area of the body where the colonoscopy begins is quite the taboo subject. While people might discuss going to the dentist or having an upset stomach, the end of the alimentary canal isn’t something that’s discussed in polite conversation in most of society.

But when it comes to the anus and rectum, you don’t have to be embarrassed at all when you talk to us. This is simply what we deal with every day, and talk about it all as a mechanic might talk about transmissions or exhaust systems.

At the same time, we understand where many people are coming from and their reluctance to use certain words and identify certain areas. We’ll do everything we can to make you as comfortable during conversations as we do during procedures. And speaking of which…

We Have The Most Skilled Staff

Because we’ve performed so many procedures, we’ve gotten good at it. Very good at it.

It starts with the conversation, as we mentioned above. Then it’s about making someone comfortable as they prepare for a procedure that’s not normal, helping them get onto the proctology table and into the most comfortable position that will help the procedure go smoothly.

After that comes the procedure itself. As we said above, it’s not a normal or natural experience to have a camera inserted into the anus and into the large intestine. But because we have so much experience, most patients who have had a colonoscopy before come away from the procedure commenting on the professionalism and the comfort that was delivered.

We Get What Your Doctor Needs

Because we have such extensive proctologists and technicians, we’re able to get the information your doctor needs to move forward. There are some procedures that we’ll be doing ourselves here at our rectal clinic — dealing with rectal incontinence, rectal warts, or offering the best hemorrhoid treatments — but other times we’re simply here to deliver information. Getting an accurate image of the colon will help a doctor make suggestions on the next steps to take.

Schedule An Appointment!

We know that you’re not looking forward to a colonoscopy procedure, but if it needs to be done you might as well feel as comfortable as possible. If you’re closer to Bartlett, TN, call us at 901.362.5252. If you’re near Batesville, MS, be sure to call 662.578.7650.