It’s no secret that most people hate talking about hemorrhoids. As a trusted doctor for hemorrhoids in the Bartlett area, I know how hard it can be to get people to ask for help with this very personal health problem.

Preparation-H, a well-known maker of topical hemorrhoid treatments, recently released a hilarious commercial designed to make people laugh about this health issue, in the hopes that it will make people more comfortable talking about it with their doctors.

The commercial is set in a small town called Kiester, which just so happens to be a cutesy name that people often use to refer to their gluteus maximus. What surprised many people was learning that this town actually exists! Kiester, Minnesota is a real place that’s getting a fair amount of attention from people all over the world now that this commercial is airing on television stations.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the town of Kiester was named for former judge and state lawmaker Jacob Armel Kiester. Unfortunately, the cute little town has fallen on hard times lately. With a population of only around 501, the town closed its last school in 2008, and residents say that many businesses have closed since then as well. Apparently residents from nearby towns had to be bussed in while Preparation-H was filming the commercial, in order to make the town look like a bustling place.

“Any publicity, even though it’s Preparation H, can’t hurt, you know?” Bauman said. “A lot of people get a chuckle about it,” Al Bauman, head of the town’s historical society, told Mankato Free Press.

Watch the ad below, and remember, you don’t have to venture to Minnesota to get help with your hemorrhoids. To speak with a doctor for your hemorrhoid problems, contact our office today!