Having bowel movements is something most people do on a daily basis and when it becomes too painful, you start to dread your daily trip to the bathroom. But the truth is, millions of people have to deal with anal fissure pain. Anal fissures are when there is a tear in the lining of the lower part of the rectum. The good thing is that anal fissures are not something that leads to more serious problems. When it comes to anal fissure treatment and symptoms, Midsouth Rectal Clinic has all of the information that you need.


Anal fissures happen when there is trauma or injury to the anal canal. This can occur if you have large stool, trying to have a bowel movement when constipated, have reoccurring diarrhea or after giving birth. You may also see anal fissures after a rectal exam or anal sex. A fissure might be caused by Crohn’s disease in some cases.


There are many symptoms that go with anal fissures. You may experience itching, a sharp burning or stinging pain during bowel movements, which can be quite severe, and bleeding. Bleeding during a bowel movement could mean there are more serious problems so you will want to inform your doctor if you have dark, tarry stools or see dark colored blood in your stool.


For anal fissure treatment, most cases can be cured at home in four to six weeks. You can try to reduce your constipation by eating fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans, drink more water, exercise, and take a fiber supplement. You could also help yourself by taking your time in the bathroom. It is very important to not strain during your bowel movement.

If you are in need of anal fissure treatment outside of what can be done at home, you need to call Midsouth Rectal Clinic and get medicine for anal fissure.