Rectal incontinence is an enormous life-altering problem.  It leads to loss of employment, emotional problems and changes in an individual’s social life.  For the elderly, it is one of the leading reasons for the entrance into a nursing home.

The Mid-South Rectal Clinic has the only anorectal ultrasound in the Mid-South.  The anorectal ultrasound diagnoses the cause of incontinence and allows Dr. Fox to pick the appropriate procedure to treat incontinence.
An exciting new modality has become available in the treatment of incontinence.  This is InterStim.
With InterStim, nerve stimulation is used to avoid invasive surgery in order to treat the incontinence. For more information on this exciting procedure.
Dr. Fox has long experience in colon and rectal surgery.  He has treated an enormous number of patients with anorectal incontinence.  He has a very high success rate.  He knows which procedure to choose because Dr. Fox employs anorectal ultrasound.  Keep in mind that Dr. Fox is the only physician in the Mid-South who performs anorectal ultrasound.